30+ Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend Who Has Everything

His birthday is around the corner and your brain has suddenly stopped working on new ideas whatsoever! Now now, you don't need to panic yet. Here we have crafted a list of birthday gifts for men whether he is your boyfriend, husband, to-be groom, fiancé or special friend.

Each item on the list is selected on the criteria that it should be creative, unique, cute and/or funny. We know how important it is for you to make his day special and therefore we have tried to include options that are personalized and give a handmade feel. Let's begin:


Custom Film Roll Keychain

Film roll keychain

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Whether it's that bubbling teenage love or you've crossed oceans of time with your man, you guys are definite to have lots of sweet memories. And now it's his birthday, what could be a better gift than Bigberyl's Custom Film Roll Keychain that comes with a Gift Box. You can gather all those memories of yours on the keychain.


Unique Thanks For All The Orgasms Keychain

Birthday gift for boyfriend

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One of the best creative ways to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday is this stainless steel keychain with "Thanks For All The Orgasms" engraved along with an initial charm complementing it.

Retro Gaming iPhone Case

birthday gift for boyfriend

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Oh no! It's the eleventh hour and you still have not thought about your bf's birthday gift. Here we present one last minute idea that can save you and his day... Retro Gaming iPhone Cases. We know generally, all men are game freaks, so why not  remind him of the time when you were teenagers and relive those good old days.


Cute Kawaii Frog Hoodie Zipper Mouth

Kawaii frog hoodie zipper mouth

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The basic aim behind a gift is to bring a huge smile to the receiver's face, and that is what exactly our Kawaii Frog Hoodie Zipper Mouth does. It's an ideal birthday gift idea for your boyfriend, husband or that special someone, which is funny and creative at the same time.


Personalized You Complete Me Keychain

You complete me keychain

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Packed with lots of love and care along with a heart-touching message inside, this keychain is the most romantic birthday gift for your boyfriend. It fits in any situation, whether you both are teenagers, or it's his 21st birthday, or he's your husband or fiance. Give it a personal touch by getting yours and his name engraved on it.


Metal Wallet Insert Card

Metal wallet insert card

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When it comes to selecting gifts for men, wallets are the most pitched-in suggestions. But have you ever thought about a Metal Wallet Insert Card with a romantic message engraved on it? It's a creative and unique birthday gift idea for your partner.


Custom 3D Photo Lamp

3D photo lamp

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Handmade gifts have their magic and special touch. This quality of theirs makes them unique. So is Custom 3D Photo Lamp, which involves hand drawing(minimalist line art from the photo then etched on acrylic glass). Ladies! It is a perfect birthday gift for your men.

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Custom Photo Paint By Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers kit

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Totally out of birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend? Don't worry we have got something for you... A DIY Custom Photo Paint By Numbers Kit. Do you want to turn your or your boyfriend's photo into paint by number to re-live a memory of a lifetime and experience such amazing art?


Wooden Engraved Personalized Watch For Men

Wooden engraved watch for men

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99% of men love getting a watch as a gift. Plus a watch with a personal message of love is something he will cherish. This watch is made of wood which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. The watch comes in an authentic wooden box, nicely  packed. Get a custom message engraved at the back of the dial. Gift it to your boyfriend, husband, fiancé or special friend.


Sterling Silver Hug Ring

Sterling silver hug ring

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This is a very creative ring that imitates the gesture of hugging. Giving your boyfriend a hug lets him know that you care. Thus, it helps boost his happiness and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Hug ring is designed to embody this act of kindness. So don't wait, grab it and gift it to your beloved.


Custom Engraved Couple Cuff Bracelets

Couple cuff bracelets

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It is a personalized bracelet set, on which you can get engraved anything which makes the gift special and memorable for your man. It will surely give him those romantic vibes.


Pinky Promise Keychain For Lovers Best Friends

pinky promise keychain

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If your boyfriend is also your best friend, you are one of the few luckiest people! For those cute BFFs cum lovers, Bigberyl has designed this Pinky Promise Keychain. It will act as a cute reminder of your bond that stays strong throughout the years and will remain FOREVER. A cute & charming gift for any occasion.

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3D Printed Moon Night Lamp

Moon night lamp with photo

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Give this amazing night lamp to your special one to let him know that you'll love him to the moon and back. The moon lamp is designed following the NASA satellite images to accurately reproduce the moon's actual surface and craters. What else could be the most OG birthday gift for your boyfriend?


Solar System Planets Bracelet

unique gift for him

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When we talk about romance then it's obvious that we talk about the sun, moon, and stars. We have a romantic gift suggestion no less than sun, moon, and stars. It's this handmade solar system bracelet. Solar System Bracelet represents you like the sun and how the universe aligns around you.


Hematite Bracelet

hematite bracelets

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This bracelet comes in a set of two, one with all hematite beads + 4 Lava Stone beads and the other with all Lava Stones beads + 4 Hematite beads. The meaning of hematite is grounding and protection. So convey your feelings through this birthday gift idea for your boyfriend.


Spotify Code Photo Keychain

Spotify code photo keychain

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Music and love.. both go hand in hand. It's often said among teenagers that sharing playlists is another way to express your feelings. Here we have this cute custom Spotify code photo keychain to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday.


Heart Pendant Couple Necklace Set

Heart pendant couple necklace set

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Now, this item on the list is a lifesaver and super romantic. If you're in a long-distance relationship and you've reached the last minute but couldn't figure out a gift for his birthday then Bigberyl's Heart Pendant Couple Necklace Set is there to save you.


Glow In Dark Magnetic Bracelets For Couples

glow in the dark bracelets

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Looking for a creative birthday gift for your man. Probably your search can end at Glow in dark magnetic couple bracelets. Both bracelets feature a cute magnet charm that attracts and connect when you hold hands. It is said to make the bond even stronger by attracting your love towards you.


King And Queen iPhone Cases

King and queen iPhone cases

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Interestingly, these iPhone cases can serve two purposes. These not only protect your phone but also your partner from the other bees circling around him. These Couple iPhone Cases are available in exclusive Matte Pink and Black Colors for Him and Her.


Cute Music Box Soulful Sounds

Cute music box

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A vintage hand crank music box is a very sweet gift you can give to your loved ones as the tune that comes out of it is extremely melodious. There's no one on earth who wouldn't love this sound. From lovely songs like- You are my Sunshine, Can't Help Falling In Love With You to tunes from Harry Potter and Anime we got it all!

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Lego Brick Heart Couple Necklace

lego couple necklaces

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Many believe that open-heart jewelry is symbolic of love for a person who's away from you because of geographical distance. It also represents the strong connection that two people share. It is said that even when we are apart a piece of us remains with our loved ones. So, why not make it true with our Lego Brick Heart Necklace. The 2 necklaces come with one brick plate each, that when snapped together, pieces form a classic heart shape.


Cuban Link Silver Bracelets

Cuban link bracelets

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Our Cuban link bracelets also feature a cute heart charm magnet that automatically joins to form a full heart when you both are together. It is also said to bring your special one closer. Make him smile with this romantic birthday gift.


Drive Safe Exclusive Big Keychain

funny drive safe keychain

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This keychain is the funniest and best gift you could give to the ones you care for deeply. Our keychain is made super strong and sturdy. Unlike other small keychains, this one boasts the size of 7CM X 2CM. This also means the message "Drive safe or I'll kick your ass!" will be loud and clear every time he will look at it.


Van Gogh Starry Sky Open Rings

starry sky rings

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This artistic ring represents the beauty and hardships we face while following our dreams together. Starry sky conveys strong feelings of hope through the bright lights of the stars shining down over the dark landscape and night. The famous starry sky by Vincent Van Gogh is considered to be one of his greatest creations to date which combined with our ring makes the most beautiful birthday gift for your boyfriend.


Bear Ear Hoodie Onesie

bear hoodie onesie

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This is a very unique birthday gift for your boyfriend. No doubt this plushy piece of clothing is the best gift of comfort you can give to your boyfriend. You can also get matching claw plush slippers with your Onesie to complete the look. Feel like a real bear in this cozy and warm, very soft onesie.

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Dancing Cactus Toy Plant

Dancing cactus toy plant

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Introducing "The Dancing Cactus", is a hilarious piece of art that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. You can dance with him, give him a nice name, even make a Tiktok or Reel with him and get viral! This is one of the cute gifts you can give to your boyfriend or husband.


King And Queen Bracelets

king & queen bracelets

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You already read about our King and Queen iPhone Cases. Here is another birthday gift for your boyfriend that can make him feel like a king. These King & Queen bracelets come in a set of 2, featuring Classic King And Queen Crowns in the middle. They represent a relationship that abides by respect and true love.


Custom Photo Keychain With Gift Box


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You can get your photo engraved in the middle of the keychain. It can also be customized with your name and date on the outer sides of the heart which makes it a heart-touching and romantic gift.


Infinity Bracelets For Couples

couple infinity bracelets

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These are handmade Infinity symbol bracelets for couples. These can work in place of the words when you want to say to your man "Infinity is the answer to how much I Love You." These are suitable and look good on both men and women.

Hmm! Must say that was a pretty long list to choose from. As aforementioned, each item was selected carefully to make sure that it brings a smile to your man's face and also it conveys the feelings behind that gift aptly. We hope we were able to help you make his birthday memorable and you guys enjoy the day.

Happy Gifting!!!!

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