15+ Awesome One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Anniversary Gifts

It has been a year already? I know it still feels like yesterday...Completing 1 whole year together is HUGE and it is surely very special which deserves celebration! Any Anniversary whether its 10 months, 1 year or 10 years is a milestone and we have found just the right gifts that your boyfriend or husband will truly love.


1. You Complete Me BigBeryl Exclusive Keychain

one year anniversary gift ideas for him

An awesome keychain with a super sweet personal message engraved that says -

"The day I met you I found my missing piece.

You complete me and make me a better person. 

I was a little late to be your first but I want All my lasts to be with you."

You can also get your name engraved in the end.

It comes in a stunning black gift box that also features a card with a special message printed on it. Surely my first choice when gifting something sentimental and very special.

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2. Custom Photo Keychain With Gift Box 

1 year anniversary gift ideas for him

A perfect gift when you are looking for something customized. This amazing keychain is designed to get your photo engraved on the front and you can also get your names & your Anniversary Date too!

The gift box can also be customized in four different ways. Keychains will never get out style when looking for gift ideas. They keep on reminding you of the person who gifted you this sweet thing that now remains very close to you.

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3. Film Roll Keychain - Walk Down The Memory Lane

anniversary gift ideas for him boyfriend

What could be more perfect than having a little photo roll in your pocket which contains all the special memories and moments that you spent with your love in the past year? Truly a very thoughtful and creative gift idea for your boyfriend on 1 Year Anniversary!

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4. Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

 hand holding diy plaster casting kit

Another different and very creative gift idea can be a DIY Plaster Casting Kit through which you can preserve your hands sculpture as a keepsake for the many more anniversaries to come. I have seen this trend before on Pinterest and I know how much fascinating it is. So I found this easy kit for you on Amazon.

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5. Personalized Wooden Engraved Watch

anniversary gift ideas for husband

The picture says it all...This watch can be personalized with your custom message or you can simply get the same text as displayed in the image. There is a certain charm in wooden watches that make them very appealing. I know your man will love it so go for it without a single doubt!

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 6. One Year Anniversary Mug

one year anniversary mug for boyfriend

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7. Moon Lamp With Photo & Text

custom photo moon lamp anniversary gift ideas for him

This beautiful night lamp is made just to feel like real moon. You can get your photo on it with a special text at the back of the lamp. Believe me when I tell you that it looks absolutely gorgeous at night by illuminating the photo, giving a truly romantic feel.

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8. Lucky To Be In Love With You Frame

one year anniversary photo frame

If your husband or boyfriend is also your best friend then gift him this photo frame that conveys how lucky you are that you fell in love with your best friend!

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9. Throw Blanket For Boyfriend

boyfriend gifts throw blanket

A cozy throw blanket for the times when you want to just cuddle. 

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10. You Are My Penguin Keychain

anniversary gifts for husband

This super cute keychain has - "You're my Penguin forever" engraved on it along with your names. Did you know penguins mate for life? Well, if you haven't watched Atypical on Netflix yet then now you know for sure. Tell this to your partner too!

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11. Coordinates Keychain - When & Where You Met?

coordinates keychain

Gift this to your bae so that he isn't left with any excuses as to how he forgot your special day! You can get a date, the exact coordinates of the place where you met & your names engraved on each of the sides.

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12. Drive Safe Or I'll Kick Your Ass Keychain

A big keychain that will keep him in senses whenever he'll be out! A sweet fun gift idea for your love.

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13. Distance Bracelets

distance bracelets for couples

Is your special one far away from you? These distance bracelets are the perfect anniversary gift for him. One is worn by you and the other by your partner. Both the bracelets symbolize a special bond that distance cannot break!

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14. Love Note Wallet Insert Card

love note wallet card for husband

If you haven't gifted him a wallet card with a sweet message yet, then now is the time!

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15. Funny Anniversary Gift Idea - Photo Boxers

custom photo underwear boxers

A hilarious yet great gift option on completing one year together. This is something he'll get crazy over! You can get your photo on these boxers. I gave this to my boyfriend and he just couldn't stop laughing. 

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16. Vintage Hand Crank Music Box

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This is a super cute and extremely sweet gift idea for him on your Anniversary. This little vintage music box comes in various different melodies and sounds so beautiful that he'll thank you everytime he will listen to it. We have many romantic songs available like - La Vie En Rose, Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Your Are My Sunshine and many more. 


This concludes my list of 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him, I really hope you were able to get some pretty great gift options in this list. You can check out more Boyfriend Gift Ideas here.

While an Anniversary is an intimate moment for the couple, a day full of excitement and mixed emotions, one must always remember that it's just a milestone. Love is a beautiful journey and it goes on. So celebrate togetherness each day as its a blessing.

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