40+ Cute Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples

It has become a nightly ritual for people now to slip into their comfortable pajamas before going to sleep, so why should the couples do any less when it could actually be one of the cutest things they could match in their relationship. Matching couple pajamas are the cutest things to get into this season. If you want something unique and fun to wear around your loved one, matching couple PJs are what you need to get, which is why we have compiled the complete list of cute and funny couple pajama sets for you.

Pajamas during the Christmas time hold much more importance than they do all year round. Firstly it provides a great opportunity to dress in your own favorite manner and they provide a great photo opportunity as well. Especially for the couples it's a great time when they can just dress up in the most adorable cute and funny ways with their partners wearing matching couple Christmas outfits.

It's a great Christmas tradition for couples as well which has been followed by thousands of families alike and a tradition which is now carried by couples who wear matching pajamas to match up with their partners and has become a social trend throughout the world. There are so many kinds and types of couples matching boyfriend and girlfriend PJs and onesies that are available for couples who love to make their Christmas much more fun and special.

Therefore we have compiled together a special list of couple Christmas jammies and onesies to make your search for the perfect one a little easier. Here given below are some of the cutest funny & adorable PJs to wear on.

Panda Matching Couple Pajamas Set

Cute Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples

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For the times when you want to be a panda. This matching couple PJs gives you the feel of being a panda. Its adorable design has a panda featuring on the front with cute panda ears on the hood. It has full sleeves and is made of a material which is perfect for fall and winter. Because there is always the time to be a panda.


Matching Cute Oversized Blanket Hoodies

oversized blanket hoodie

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The ultimately comfortable and coziest hoodie is here to make your winters all snuggly and warm. These Sherpa oversized hoodies are called blanket hoodie for a reason. Matching it with your boyfriend or husband while watching your favorite Christmas Movie is GOALS! So grab a pair for yourself now.



Blue and Pink Stitch Onesies for Couples

cute couple onesies

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Get these and become Pinterest's cutest couple in our Stitch Onesies. They come in Blue and Pink colors, so you can go with Blue-Blue just like the image above or you can go Blue-Pink, Pink-Pink. Choose whichever combo you like and set couple goals this Christmas! P.S. they are so comfy and soft plushie that you can spend the whole weekend in them.


His and Her Matching Elf and Reindeer Pajama

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Matching Couples Pyjamas Outfits - Price: $17.99 - Get it via Amazon

This set of couple matching Christmas pajamas is the most unique looking one for sure. Features Clarice the Reindeer and the Grinch Santa Elf. It comes with a pair of ears and a cute red nose. It would definitely be the best-dressed couple at any costume party and fits as a great cosplay as well. Go on then surprise your partner with this beautiful and comfy piece of fluff. 


Matching Couple Christmas Outfits

couple pajama set

Casual and cozy pajamas that also warm in Plaid print design. Classic design for those who know how red is the answer to Christmas Outfits. Made of thick cotton they are a good choice for matching pjs.

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Dinosaur Hoodie & Trouser

dinosaur hoodie pjs

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This Christmas become a dinosaur LOL! This dino on the front and back of your hoodie just wants to Netflix and Chill. Get these cozy & adorable Pajama Sets for yourself and spend your eve with love.



Large Bunny Ears Hoodie Pajamas

bunny hoodie pajamas

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Fresh new designer Couple Pajamas that are so comfortable and cozy that you'd never want to take them off! These PJs feature Long Bunny Ears on the hood and at the front with an Open Pocket. Comes in Pink and Grey Colors. P.S. they are LIMITED EDITION. Grab them while the stocks last.



Kigurumi Crab Hoodie Couple Pajamas

kigurumi hoodie onesie

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Some things are just so adorable you just can't keep your eyes off of it. These appealing pajamas are what you would call a perfect eye steal. Featuring pretty Crab with its claws on the font and the hood along with letters SMILE. These are super comfy and fluffy to cuddle the winter away with a smile.



Cute Dog Pajama Sets

couple pjs

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For all the times when you would want to be Dog. These adorable matching pyjamas are made to give you a feel of being a cute little furry dog. With its soft design and the warm lining inside, it keeps you warm in the winters as well. The front features very cute little dog paws & the hood have ears making it look more adorable. Personally these are my favorite ones!



Happy Cow Pjs

Cute Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples

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Super cute cow face on the hood and at the front  with an Open Pocket. Made with a soft furry material on the inside to keep you warm and going at all times.



Color Coordinated Outfits For Couples

color coordinated outfits for couples

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It's impossible not to have a happy face when you're wearing these Christmas jammies. The pajama set comes with a pajama & a hoodie that features very sweet Panda faces at the front and on the hood. It also features Panda ears on the hood and a large open pocket at the front. Comes in famous Pink and Blue colors for women and men.



Cute Rabbit Ear BF and GF Matching Pjs

Cute Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples

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A Rabbit couple matching sleepwear could actually be the best thing to step into with your partner. It is made with the intention of making you feel like a cute and adorable bunny. It features cute bunny ears on the hood and made with thick soft and furry material to keep you warm through and through.


🔥Want to take the fun to an intimate level? Check out these 15+ Best Matching Couples Underwear Sets



Lazy Bear Couples Christmas Loungewear

bear pajamas

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This lazy bear embroidered cute bf and gf matching PJs is a stranger to none. The adorable teddy bear face makes it really cute looking and the cute ears on the hoodie only make it even more adorable. The lining underneath makes it really warm and comfortable to wear even in the colder times of the year.



Giraffe Top Pajamas Set For Couples

couple pjs set

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A giraffe couple pajama set could just be one of the most unique pajama sets out there for its adorable and lovely design which features a cute little giraffe on the front. Its made up of soft warm polyester lining which makes it a great pick to wear for the fall and winters. Features cute ears on the hood as well but the cute little giraffe on the front simply steals the show.



Anime Doraemon Matching Couple PJs

Anime Pajamas Sets

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Doraemon is  very famous kids Anime character, if you've watched this in your tweens then you are in for a treat! These matching couple Pajamas feature Doraemon at the front of the hoodie with it's pocket full gadgets. Its made up of soft furry and thick material which would keep you warm all night long with your partner, ideal for house parties or cosplays as well.


Santa Red Couples Christmas Onesies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Santa Red Couples Christmas Onesies - Price: $29.98 - Get it via Amazon

These couple Christmas onesies are an absolute treat to your bodies. The design is so beautiful and charming with a Christmas tree and Santa's Deers printed on top of a vibrant color pattern making it very pleasing to the eye. It also features kangaroo pockets to keep your stuff as well and the elastic ankles make it fit better. Definitely a great and comfy one.



Blue Bear Warm Couple PJs

warm couple matching pajamas

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I love this color, it's gives a cool and breezy feel yet are warm enough to bear the chilling cold temperatures of Christmas eve. Imagine yourself in these plush pieces and go grab one yourself and your partner today! 


Cow Plush Onesies His and Her

matching christmas pajamas for couples
Cow Plush Onesies His and Her - Price: $26.95 - Get it via Amazon

This one-piece plush onesie is one of the funniest and most adorable couple matching pjs you could ever step into. The unique animal design makes it perfect for cosplay or for a Halloween party or any other theme Christmas parties. The plush fleece material gives a warm and soft feel and the button up closure allows an easy in and out built-in with pockets to keep your phone or wallets making it a great choice for funny and cute couple pajamas.


Cartoon Christmas Jammies

animal pajamas matching

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Just imagine how you two will look extremely adorable in these super cute his and her matching Christmas jammies! This set features Baby Ferdinand from Disney's Animated movie - Ferdinand on the front as well as on the ankles of pajamas. The hood also features little horns to make it more real like. Its so soft and comfortable design making it ideal for the couples who would love to cuddle.



Snow White Christmas Onesie With Hood

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Snow White Matching Christmas Onesies - Price: $29.98 - Get it via Amazon

A beautiful Christmas themed matching Christmas couple onesies for couples who want to look cute and adorable in the winters igniting the festive spirits and making a statement. Printed with Reindeers and Christmas trees comes with a kangaroo pocket and a full zip front making it really easy to get in and out of but is so soft and comfy you'd probably just wear it all the time.



Puppy Dog Paw-jamas

matching couple pajamas

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These are such cute pair of PJs for you and your husband or boyfriend. Featuring cute Paw pockets at the front. Made of thick fleece to keep you warm in winters.



Grey Bear Matching Couple Pajamas

matching couple pajamas onesies

Get these on BIGBERYL

Another bear pajamas! This time in full cozy grey vibe. This one also features a red bow and a front open pocket. What to do people just love to become a cuddly bear all the time! If you do too then is a nice outfit for you.



Wonderland Footed Matching Couple Onesies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Footed Matching Couple Onesies - Price: $39.95 - Get it via Amazon

Pajamas set so comfortably that you would never wanna get out of it. This cute cozy blue wintery wonderland onesie set for couples is a mix of both comfort and fun. Printed with cute little cartoon graphics on the outside it comes with a hoodie and built-in booties to keep your feet warm. So good you would want an excuse to jump into these with your partner all the time. Go on then bring out the kid inside of you again.



Candy Christmas Couples Onesies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Candy Christmas Couples Onesies - Price: $29.98 - Get it via Amazon

How good would it be if every day feels like Christmas? Well, that's the concept behind this cute matching couple Christmas pajama onesie. Printed with all the beautiful things Christmas stands for. This would make the Christmas vibe ever-present. It's unisex as well so you can have your own thing with that. A beautiful onesie pajama for the couple to keep the festive vibes alive.


Kangaroo Matching Couple Onesie Pajamas

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Kangaroo Matching Couple Onesie Pajamas - Price: $34.99 - Get it via Amazon

This adorable and eye-grabbing kangaroo onesie is a cute couple onesie that anyone would love to have. It features eyes nose teeth and even a pouch carrying a cute little joey. It's made up of soft plush material and is sure to keep you warm during the cold winter months. The loose fitted design makes it easy to move around in as well. Quite the funny and cute outfit idea for a Christmas Pajama Party!



Basic Grey Snowflake Couples Onesies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Snowflake Matching Couple Onesies - Price: $39.99 - Get it via Amazon

A great onesie jumpsuit for couples who love to wear matching stuff and this one just fits the bill quite well. Made with soft comfortable material this matching couple onesie pajama is easy to launder at home as well. Deep side pockets and the hood allow it to carry a water bottle to a cell phone.


Camo Couples Christmas Onesies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Camo Couples Christmas Onesies - Price: $29.99 - Get it via Amazon

This one is a standout among the matching boyfriend and girlfriend matching PJs. The camouflage design itself attracts the attention plus it comes with a lot of pockets to hold your stuff and made with comfortable material to provide all the warmth and comfort you would need. It can be cleaned at home without the hassle of losing color because of the fantastic quality.



Mike and Sully Matching Couple Onesies

matching couple onesies

Get Mike Onesie On Amazon

Get Sully Onesie on Amazon  

You want to get Halloween vibe on Christmas, make these onesies yours! These matching onesies are based on Mike and Sully, characters from Disney Pixar's movie Monsters University. They look so charming and desirable.



Lucky Cat Bf and Gf Matching PJs

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Lucky Cat Matching Couples Onesies - Price: $22.95 - Get it via Amazon

For all of you cat lovers, this is exactly the best bf and gf couple matching pajamas you need. The cute and comfortable design makes up for a lovely cosplay as well and can be worn at parties, dress-ups or simply if you just want to be a cat with your partner. Built-in pockets help to stash your valuables and also is easy to clean up. Probably the cutest one PJs you could have.



Lazy Sloth Matching Couple Onesie

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Lazy Sloth Matching Couple Onesie - Price: $26.95 - Get it via Amazon

Yes, we all know how much we want to be a lazy sloth and have great lazy sleep so might as well do that dressed as a sloth with this matching couple PJs which is designed to make you transform you into a sloth so you could have your lazy time dressed up as an adorable sloth with your partner. A great choice for Halloween, Christmas or just every day.



Cute Red Dragon Couple Onesie Christmas Party Outfit

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Cute Red Dragon Couples Onesie - Price: $22.95 - Get it via Amazon

Admit it, somewhere in our minds we all wanted to be a dragon sometime. Well Now at least you could feel what it's like to be a dragon with this matching couple pajama. It comes with a dragon-shaped hood and a tail designed to give you the feel of being one. A great pick for Halloween, Christmas or days when you want to be a dragon. 



Matching Christmas Onesie Pajamas

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Matching Onesie Pajamas - Price: $39.99 - Get it via Amazon

This matching Christmas onesies for couples is what you can call a complete family onesie. Comes in a great matching color with a candy cane printed on the top with a hood zipper and two side pockets but the best part is even your doggo gets covered along as it comes for the cooch as well giving a perfect matching Christmas feel for the whole family.



Blue Christmas Jammies

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Blue Christmas Jammies - Price: $26.99 - Get it via Amazon

Cheery Snowman, red berries, snowflakes & gifts. Sounds like a perfect Christmas day doesn't it? Well, that's exactly what's printed on this beautiful couples matching Christmas pajamas. It comes with a hood and is perfect for house parties and winter-themed occasions. So go ahead and slip into this beautiful couple matching PJs and make your winters an experience.


Santa's Squad Matching Couple Pyjamas

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Santa's Squad Couples Pyjamas - Price: $24.99 - Get it via Amazon

Time to match up the fun with this cute matching Christmas pajamas for couples and get the holiday spirit going being in the Santa squad with this lovely and adorable Santa Claus printed on the pajamas. Time to get on with it and start posing as the cutest couple there is. It's made so soft and snuggly you'd wanna live in them all the time and the pockets allow you to keep your phones as well. Therefore making it a great choice for couples.


Funny Couple Onesie Pajamas With Butt Flap

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Red Funny Couple Pajamas - Price: $44.99 - Get it via Amazon

Quite a funny matching couple onesie for couples who want to put in some extra fun into their lives wearing this hilarious drop seat butt flap which reads "Danger blasting area keep clear". The uniform red color itself makes it look like a working man's suit and therefore adds to the humor. A fun couple onesie for sure.


Matching Christmas Pajamas Set For Couples

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Matching Christmas Jammies - Price: $24.99 - Get it via Amazon

Time to match the cuteness with this awesome candy cane printed matching Christmas couple pajamas and put on the festive holiday spirits. Time to take the lounging and Christmas holidays on a high and make it a great photo op for your times in winter. And of course, you could have it for your dog as well. So get ready to snuggle into this piece of comfort.

Tipsy Elves Christmas Jumpsuits

matching christmas pajamas for couples

Tipsy Elves Christmas Jammies - Price: $49.95 - Get it via Amazon

A great modern-looking and fantastic collection of couple Christmas onesies, sweaters, suits, dresses, and leggings which look really hip and fit in really well. They have many amazing reviews that their stuff is exceptionally soft, the onesies feature front pockets, zippers, and a hood making it really comfortable, fun and easy to wear. Check out their collection on Amazon.

This concludes our list.

Where to get matching pajamas?

You can get a variety of matching couple PJs right here on Biggest Matching Couples Store - BigBeryl. Check out our cozy and furry pajama sets that are too cute to ignore. You can also get Couple Silk Pajamas in many colors exclusively only on BigBeryl.com

These designs are not available in local store so you wouldn't wanna miss them! Check out the whole Matching Couple Outfits Collection here.

Why to wear Matching Pajamas?

Wearing matching couple things only makes things much more fun and keeps things really interesting between the couples. Watching each other in the same outfit always does make the mind happy and brings out a unique feeling of belongingness.

Especially if it's Christmas it just makes things tenfold better and fun. Therefore just go on ahead and find yourself and your partner the best-suited pajamas/onesies from the wide collection handpicked for you and start making your days and your nights a lot more fun.

How to choose perfect size?

Always measure your size and match it with the size chart. Please remember to take 1-3 CM extra from your size everytime as this will make sure you get perfect fitting. When you finally find your size as per the chart then go ahead and Add To Cart!

Some Facts About Pajamas

The Word Pajama is actually derived from the Hindi word Pae & Jama which loosely translates into leg clothing. There were different kinds of pyjamas worn by the people from the parts of India and the middle east and its history can be traced as far back as the Ottoman Empire.

The Indians had been wearing pyjamas for quite sometime before the British came and took it back with them to Europe and that's when it finally got popularised during the twentieth century. It was basically a symbol of status during the early times and was considered exotic.


Pajamas were brought back to Europe as exotic loungewear. During the initial days, the design of the pajamas was rather basic and simple.

It was just a basic piece of loose clothing worn by individuals to change into something comfortable at night but also because in the beginning mostly the pajamas were made at home by the ladies themselves.

It was particularly men who used to wear pajamas in the beginning but it was during the early decades of the twentieth century when pajamas were started to be worn by women as well because they discovered about the comfort of the men's pajamas and of course Hollywood played a role too in commercializing the idea of women's pajamas in the 1934 movie "It happened one night".And of course, after that, the popularity of pajamas only bolstered above by the contributions of the fashion industry.

Therefore this was the complete list of the most amazing fantastic cool cute and funny pajamas which you could put on with your other half.


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