51+ Fun Christmas Traditions For Couples

I think it’s really meaningful for adults to take time out of their busy schedules to reconnect as a couple over the busy holiday season. Incorporating special and unique holiday traditions that you do together as a couple is a great way to not only spend this Christmas but to also carry out for many Christmases to come. 

It’s no secret among friends and family that we’re nuts for Christmas traditions, decorating our house from wall to wall and immersing ourselves in local holiday celebrations.

Some of the best traditions are the ones that start naturally, even if you have no plan be sure to set aside a bit of time to spend with your partner this Christmas Eve.

You must give these romantic and cute traditions a shot.



Wearing Matching Pajamas or Onesies 

Fun Christmas Traditions for couples

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Every holiday season the whole family used to wear matching outfits like Onesies and PJs including our dog and I wish to continue that tradition with my husband and in future with my kids. Therefore, this is the first, most fun and easiest Christmas Tradition that every couple can follow.

Wearing them is undoubtedly silly but it really turns up the heat on family festivities.

PS it is so adorable to see your special one in cute furry pajamas

What is a family Christmas eve without matching Christmas Pajamas? You will love this extensive list of Cute Matching Christmas Pajamas, Onesies and Jumpsuits



Having Fancy Christmas Wine


fancy christmas wine bags

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A tradition to start ASAP is having fancy wine every Christmas!

Every year pick a different wine and serve it with Christmas Turkey on Christmas night, which should be quite easy considering 10,000 different varieties of grape wine is available all over the world.

Just order a Wine Bottle from Amazon and make everyone happy!

Don't forget to get fancy Christmas Wine Bags for your wine tradition to be complete.



Midnight Resolutions

Everyone makes and breaks their own resolutions. Why not do the same thing, but together?!

Trust us, it definitely gives you more incentive and much more support to push through it! And who knows? It might be the first time you don't actually end up breaking it!

So this Christmas Eve, start a tradition of picking up a resolution for New Years Together. It could be ANYthing!



A Text A Day

There will be days when you don't get to talk to each other and are just busy with everything else.

Well, a minute isn't too much to spare, though, right? Send each other a text - not the usual “Good morning” and “I love you”, but just let them know about a single thing about them that you appreciate.

It's the simplest way to make your partner's day!



Check out new Sports around the City

The adventures don't stop just in your space. Moving means calling a new city your home, and you'll want to experience and explore it all together.

Once a week, make a pact to venture beyond your pad.

Try all the local restaurants, go see a show at the theater down the street, or find some new friends to add to your crew.



Travel Together

They say traveling together is another huge step for you and your special someone, because you learn a lot about each other and how the other person handles the world.

Maybe you've already gone on a trip or two, or have just been thinking about booking that cute Airbnb abroad for a bit. Start small and check out fun things right around you.



Go Grocery Shopping Together

Living together will be loads of fun, but every once in awhile reality will hit, and you'll have to make the most of it.

Paying rent, doing the dishes, and loading up the washing machine with your laundry just come with the territory, but could also totally be something of a tradition.

You'll want your fridge to always be filled with the best food. We all can agree that nuggets should always be a staple and that apples and peanut butter are a perfect pair.

Once a week, make it a point to go to the grocery store together and stock up. Consider buying something special you can cook together one day like salmon, or go for something sweet that'll send you straight into your nostalgia, like chocolate pudding.

Spending time with your significant other and adulting can so go hand-in-hand.



Test out a New Cuisine

Calling all adventurous eaters: Christmas Eve is the perfect time to test out a new cuisine — in your own kitchen.

"Pick something that you've never cooked before — whether it's an Indian curry, a soufflé, or a leg of lamb — and have fun by creating your own, personal program.

The key here is to not just eat a lovely meal but to learn to prepare something new, together.

Get creative and think about meals you've always wanted to have, but haven't, or have always wanted to learn to cook, but haven't,  and if your experiment goes well, you'll have a new go-to dish to turn to all year long.



Christmas Calendar

Create a calendar for the coming years filled with photos of your favorite moments together, this year. This you can do every year and in the future, you'll have an amazing collection of memories and stories perfectly sealed and protected in those calendars.



Christmas Countdown


christmas advent calendar
Grand Ferris Wheel Advent Calendar - Get via Amazon

I love the idea of a Christmas countdown even if you aren’t a kid any longer. I mean, who says you have to be under 12 to get a kick out of a Lego Advent Calendar?

A wooden gingerbread house or fabric advent calendar can also become a keepsake piece that you use together year after year.

What's better than an advent calendar? These days you can get an enumerable variety and themes of advent calendars like a Harry Potter Advent Calendar or amusical one like mentioned above.



Naughty or Nice Notes

Leave notes around the house for your spouse to find. Make them NICE things he has done for you or NAUGHTY things you’d like to do!



Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas


ugly christmas sweater

Drinking Game Ugly Sweater - Get it via Amazon

Revolting Christmas sweaters are more than a just out of date example. Reliably you can find a considerable measure of new revolting Christmas sweater considerations that you can endeavor with your partner.

Like this one has a drinking game tailor-made on it! You can wear this turn by turn and let the fun continue.

Regardless, for a stand-out Christmas custom, wear similar shocking Christmas sweaters with your bae on the Christmas Eve and superstar your joyful soul!



Christmas Mocktails

Mix up a Christmas drink or two and toast to the holidays with your sweetheart. There is nothing better than getting wasted with your partner! 



12 Days of Kiss-mas

The perfect way to sneak in some unusually fun kisses – both chocolate and otherwise!



 12 Sexy Days of Christmas

A great countdown of intimate ideas for you and your spouse before Christmas.



12 Dates of Christmas

Find and prepare a list of some fantastic ways to spend quality time together each night till Christmas Eve.



Ornament Exchange

Exchanging ornaments each year is a great way to document your favorite memories.

If you each pick out or make an ornament that encompasses a memory with your significant other, your tree will soon be filled with memories! It's a fun, easy, and cheap tradition to start. 



Christmas Bucket

Plan out the days before Christmas by wrapping gifts (new and old) as well as ideas for activities and placing them in a bucket. As each day passes, grab a gift and have some fun!



Christmas Movie Countdown Checklist

There are too many favorite Christmas movies to remember them all. Watch a movie each night and save your favorites until it’s almost Christmas.



Keeping CHRIST in Christmas

 An entire round-up, including gifts, snacks, home decor, music, and even more ways to keep in mind the reason for this season.



Make a Time Capsule 


christmas time capsule

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You've heard of time capsules: Collections of meaningful items from a period of your life packed into a tin or box and buried in the ground to be unearthed at a later date.

On Christmas Eve, make a time capsule with your partner that commemorates all the special times you've shared throughout the year.

It can become a tradition — each year you can look back at the previous year's capsule, and then make another. Why not start this year?



Wear Matching Bracelets


Fun Christmas Traditions For Couples

King and Queen Crown Bracelets - Get it via Bigberyl


Matching bracelets are a great way to express how important your relationship is to both of you and can be as subtle or as bold as you both would like.

These stash of couple crown bracelets fits perfect for your christmas eve.

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A Romantic Sleigh Ride

What could be romantic on Christmas Eve than a horse-drawn sleigh ride through a wintry landscape? 



Random Acts of Kindness

It’s so much fun to do things for others anonymously. It’s even more fun to do those things with the one you love! So get started on doing little kindnesses for others every year at Christmas!



Christmas Envelope

Write letters to Jesus explaining what you plan to do in the coming year to improve or something you are willing to give up and share your letters on Christmas day.



The Christmas Giving Jar

Collect your spare change throughout the year and give it to a family who needs it during the Christmas season. That could be your thing to do every year.



Kindness Stocking (A Stocking for Jesus)

Fill a stocking with spiritual gifts for Jesus. Write down kind things you do for others as Christmas approaches and even ways you plan to be kind in the coming year.



Christmas Photo Booth


Fun Christmas Traditions For Couples

Christmas Photobooth Props - Get it via Bigberyl

 Create your own photo booth and take some wacky pictures! Get these photobooth props to click funny and creative pics.


Snow Ideas

fun christmas traditions for couples snow fight

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 Some great snow-related activities for playing even when there is no snow. You can DIY snowballs at your home or get some from Amazon. 



Tree Lighting

fun christmas traditions for couples

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 Even if you’re not close enough to the Capitol, many towns host an annual tree lighting. Check your town or nearby cities to get the season started with your community.



Holiday Bucket List

Work (or play) your way through your list of holiday must-do activities!



Break Plates

Because laughter and joy are surefire ways to bring you closer, take a tip from the people of Denmark, and get in on one of their wild New Year's Eve traditions: At the stroke of midnight, Danes are known to break a glass or a plate together to symbolize good luck for a new year.

Why not go for it? (Just make sure to have a broom on standby.)



Midnight Treat

Stay up until midnight (on purpose) and celebrate in the first, quiet hours of Christmas together with a toast and a small treat.



Polar Express Pajama Party

fun christmas traditions for couples

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 Read the story, watch the movie and grab some hot cocoa – all in your PJs!



Santa Sack

Christmas Traditions santa sack bag

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 Instead of wrapping gifts from Santa, also give back to needy. Give each kid their own Santa Sack and let them fill it with old toys to give to kids in need.



Bake Cookies

Every year, pick a day, and go crazy in the kitchen! You can make traditional Christmas cookies and decorate them, or you can make other holiday treats or both. Because really, why not both?

Baking with your significant other is sure to be a blast. It is always a happy memory and definitely a fun tradition to start.

Once all of your baked goods are done, you can package them up on festive plates and bring them to your families for Christmas! 



Write Letters

Find time before Christmas, sit down, and write a letter (or even better, a Christmas card!) to your significant other.

Handwritten letters are so underrated these days. Everyone loves to read a letter, especially when it comes from someone you love.

Nowadays we’re so used to texting, Whatsapp and email that the beauty of an old-fashioned letter has got lost along the way, so write a lovely letter with a yearly recap of the things you’re thankful to them for.

You could even pop it in the post to arrive on Christmas eve.



Search for Christmas Lights

Looking at other people's Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday activities.

Grab some hot cocoa or warm cider, crank the Christmas tunes, and hit the road! If you're lucky, maybe there will be a few extravagant light shows.

Try to find the best display in your town.

UP the lighting game within your home with these amazing LED Strip Lights! P.S. they are waterproof, sync with your music, App enabled and comes with a 30 meter range RF remote!

fun christmas traditions for couples

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Christmas Shopping

One of the best parts about being in a serious relationship is that you can collaborate on gifts.

So, shop together! Then everything you give on Christmas will come from both of you.

It's fun to bounce ideas off each other and hunt for the perfect gifts for your friends and family members.

Not a fan of the mall? Cuddle up on the couch with your laptop and shop online!



Stockings Filling

Sure, stockings are traditionally hung from your parent's mantle and filled with toys and gifts on Christmas morning.

However, once you move out of your parent's house, it doesn't make as much sense to have your stocking filled there. Instead, why not purchase (or make!) stockings with your significant other.

Then each year, you can fill each other's with fun little trinkets you'll think they'll like. Then, you can sit down together and open all your little gifts. Fun!

Check Out: 20+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Loved Ones 😍



The Annual Snowflake Cut-Out Competition

Our oldest is the one who instituted this idea. (It’s sort of what happens when you are locked inside during winter break and your parents don’t let you on the electronics)

We all create unique snowflakes then cast our votes for the best one. The winner gets to be served a cup of hot chocolate; everyone else makes their own!



Kitchen Festivities

Some couples really enjoy baking together. I know of several friends that have special traditions that involve making some type of food the night before Christmas.

One of my friends makes doughnuts with her husband every Christmas Eve. Another couple I know gets in their Christmas pajamas and eats Chinese food together.

Find a dish that would be fitting for the two of you, and enjoy it (or make it) together every year as a tradition.



Hot Chocolate & Christmas Movies

Make some hot chocolate. When I say hot chocolate, I mean real hot chocolate; the stuff made with cream and chocolate, not the stuff that comes from powder.

You can find a great crockpot recipe here. Top it with marshmallows and yummy whipped cream and you're set!

Find a few of your favorite Christmas movies, and settle in on the couch with a nice, warm blanket for a fun evening!



Make Predictions

 This tradition is all about reflecting on the previous year, you make predictions for the year to come.

Write down where you see yourselves exactly one year from now, and tuck the predictions away until the next year.

This could be funny situations you see your partner getting him or herself into, promotions you can see happening, silly things you can imagine you will fight about, or funny things your children will most likely do.

This is a fun one to do with some sparkling cider!



Themed Stockings

This is a favorite tradition all on its own! Each year, pick a theme for each other’s stockings and go to town making it fun & unique for each other.

In fact, themed stockings can be such a fun tradition for spouses, that you don’t even need to worry about other gifts.



Christmas Bauble Exchange!

 I am loving the new Christmas bauble tradition that we’re starting with the children this year, so why not have one with your partner.

Get creative, make it thoughtful {does not have to be expensive! It’s a bauble!} but it’s just such a lovely sentiment and each year you’ll have them to look back on, remember smile and fall in love all over again.

Soppy I know, but hey…it’s almost Christmas!



Snow Day

This can go one of two ways. You can have an indoor snow day where you play hooky from work, stay indoors all day and watch movies, bake, and just spend some quality time together.

Or you can have an outdoor snow day where you let your inner kid out and have some fun.

Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make some snow angels or any other outdoor snow activity you can think of.

Once you have had your snow day fun you can then go inside and warm yourselves up with some warm hot cocoa.



Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Sure, it might be a little cheesy and may not seem too exciting, but I swear it can lead to a fun time.

Grab your girl or guy, pack some snacks and start driving through your or another town to see the Christmas lights and decorations that people have put up on their houses – it really is a sight to see! you’ll often find a few surprises along the way…like a person dressed up as Santa that you can take pictures with.



Gingerbread Houses

A fun activity that can get you and your husband in the Christmas spirit is decorating gingerbread houses.

This is an activity that can be carried on for years to come, especially as your family starts to grow and you start having kids.

To make this activity even more exciting, make it a competition and compete with your married friends for the best-decorated gingerbread house!



Secret Santa

Find a neighbor or friend that’s in need of a little extra love during the holidays, purchase them a gift or make some delicious baked goods, then deliver the goods anonymously on their doorstep the night before Christmas.

It’s a fun little adventure that is not only fun for you and your beau to participate in, but it’s also a good way to remember the true meaning of Christmas.



Reconnect to Yourself

Christmas doesn't have to be about the community. It can also be a spiritual renewal time, and for some, this is best felt by disconnecting from the world and focusing inward, Perhaps you can declare a social media fast on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

You could organize your day around what feeds your soul, whether that's prayer, attending church services, or meditating somewhere alone, this can be something you do alongside your partner.



Visit the Family That Needs You Most

It's rare to find families living all within a comfortable drive from each other. That means that some family members will be left out or lonely on the holidays.

These are often elderly relatives in nursing homes or assisted living communities. Making an effort to visit those who really need the company can warm both your and their heart.



Volunteer on Christmas at the Hospitals

The holidays aren't much fun for those stuck in the hospital, not for children or adults. Many hospitals have volunteers dress up as Santa or Elves, who then visit patients.

Speak to your local hospital and see if you can participate in a program like this.

Traditions aren't just for the festive times of the years, and there are so many things you can do on; that will totally elevate your relationship and your life now that you're living together.

So what's you pick?

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