33+ Cute Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Want to gift something special to your guy? Check out these amazing long distance relationship gifts ideas for him & her that will surely make you both feel always close to each other even when miles apart!

Being in a relationship is something that we as humans consciously choose to ensure for a "Happily Ever After" life with a certain individual whom we love so much that it becomes a basic necessity for us to be with and around them any and every time possible. Being in a relationship allows you to be with a person not just physically but mentally and on the other planes possible.

 There are of course a few basic things which are the foundations of any relationship that basically constitute love, faith, freedom, space and, patience. Relationships are also mostly about acceptance. It's about being able to share your thoughts and feelings with each other, being each other's strength, loving each other, and most importantly being who you actually are and not put on an act just to impress your partner. When you're able to do that only then can you become the best version of yourself.

There are of course relationships that are of different kinds. However, as we are here to talk about long-distance relationships, we would rather stick to that. First things first, LDR's are definitely a possible thing. There are millions of couples who start out dating living in the same city but eventually have to shift or relocate to another place and then there are couples in this age of the internet who actually start out dating through the internet. Of course, the first and foremost rule about being in a long-distance relationship is that you need to be loyal to the person you are in a relationship with, trust each other, have a good communication level and of course, set plans and make one another happy with various kinds of gifts and presents which you can send to each other to spice up the relation.


Bond Touch Long-Distance Bracelets 

bond touch bracelet

Bond Touch Bracelets - Price: $98 - Get it via Amazon

When you're in a long-distance relationship, the first and foremost thing that you yearn for is the feeling of being able to touch and feel your partner with your own hands, well now you can actually do it and feel the touch of your partner with this amazing technology whenever you want to feel her touch. The long battery life only helps to feel his touch for a longer time. It comes in a pair and would actually be a great long-distance relationship gift for guys and girls both.


Custom Photo Keychain With Gift Box

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Guys
Custom Photo Keychain - Price: $29.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Another Bigberyl's Exclusives is this super cute keychain with your photo carved + engraved on it. It can also be customized with your names and a date that is close to your heart. This lovely heart shaped keychain comes in a gift box that can also be personalized as per your requirements. Definitely a sweet heart warming gift for the love of your life. A beautiful long distance gift indeed.



Wherever You Go Come Back To Me Keychain

comeback to me keychain

Wherever You Go Come Back To Me - Price: $18.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

We know the feeling when you have to let go of your love as they have to move to a different state or a country. It really is something that makes you emotional and feels the need for their presence in your life which is why a gift that could actually make your feelings relay to them and make it a great gift for a long-distance boyfriend. Just a great thing to always keep on.


Customizable Film Roll Keychain

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Guys
Film Roll Keychain With Gift Box - Price: $31.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

When 90's camera film roll got combined with modern printing technology this wonderful keychain was born! This beautiful Bigberyl's Exclusives gift hold immense sentimental value and would definitely leave a deep impression on his heart. You can get 15 photos on it and you also get a dashing marble effect gift box. A complete gift package in itself. A very sweet way of making him remember of the best times you spent together.



Puzzle Piece Keychain

Get it on Bigberyl

A keychain specially designed for Long Distance couples which represents - Attachment, Love & Compatibility. When you have found the the right piece that fits perfectly only then you are able to complete the puzzle, similarly if you find the right person that fits just seamlessly into your life then you feel complete. This keychain is an amazing representation of how you two complete each other.


Love Note Wallet Insert Card

love note wallet card for husband

If you haven't gifted him a wallet card with a sweet message yet, then now is the time!

Get it on BIGBERYL



Drive Safely Handsome Keychain

drive safe handsome

Drive Safe Handsome Keychain - Price: $17.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

It's a rough reminder that your man is away from you someplace far away because of course, that is how long relationships are,  therefore this could be a great thing to send to your long-distance boyfriend telling him to be safe and sound as you are here waiting for him to return to you desperately, therefore this could actually turn out to be a great long-distance relationship for your LDR love.



Pinky Promise Keychain

Get it on Bigberyl

This keychain celebrates a love that bloomed from friendship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is also your best friend then congratulations! You are one of the few luckiest people on earth. With "Forever" engraved right in the front it is clear that no matter the obstacles you're gonna stay together forever. 

P.S. you can also customize the keychain with a special date and your Initials.



Hug This Until You Can Hug Me Pillow Case

hug this pillow until you can hug me

Hug This Pillow Case - Price: $17.86 - Get it Via Amazon

Gifting a pillow could actually be one of the most classic things you could give to your girlfriend or boyfriend. It's something that is personal and for the time being, allows you to feel as if you're hugging your partner. It's super soft, cuddly, and actually sends the right message. Your boyfriend or girlfriend would absolutely love you for this gift and could turn out to be a great long-distance gift for couples.



You Complete Me Personalized Keychain With Gift Box

 you complete me personalized keychain with quote

You Complete Me Keychain - Price: $20.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Get your hands on the Bigberyl's Exclusives gifts. This beautiful keychain carries an extremely heart touching message "The day I met you I found my missing piece. You complete me and make me a better person. I was a little late to be your first but I want All of my lasts to be with You". 

Bonus you can your name engraved below the message on the keychain. Isn't that a complete package? This gift has been created by our experts which guarantees 100% quality assurance. You will not find it anywhere else on the internet or in local stores! The sweetest gift you can give to your man this Valentines Day.


Drive Safe Or I'll Kick Your Ass Keychain

A Big & Sturdy keychain that will keep him in senses whenever he'll be out! A sweet fun gift idea for your love.

Get it on BIGBERYL


Customized Moon Lamp With Photo & Text

customized moon lunar lamp

Customized Moon Lamp - Price: $34.79 - Get it via Bigberyl

Sometimes in love, lovers have promised to get the moon for their loved ones if they so wished. Well, that is exactly what this state of the art technology 3D printing made moon lamp is which is eco friendly as well as built-in accordance with the NASA satellite images so you could actually have a moon in your room with your lover's face and text on it. Comes in with rechargeable batteries and a USB port to get it shining in the dark. A great long distance gift for couples.


Heart Shaped Moon Lamp


Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Guys


Heart shaped Moon Lamp - Price: $68.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

 This heart shaped moon lamp is an another choice if you liked moon lamp, it's heart shape will surely add value to the product.


Long Distance Relationship Bracelet Set 

long distance bracelet

Distance Bracelets - Price: $20.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Bracelets have been around in the world for some time now. Wherein they represent a great sense of belonging, they actually serve as a great symbol of the connection between two people. It can be a real symbol of love and give you a feeling of being connected with your partner as you always keep them on your wrist. This is why this yin & yang representing black and white color beaded bracelets are a great long-distance relationship idea of a gift for him and her.


Long Distance Friendship Lamp Set

long distance friendship lamp for bff

LDR Friendship Lamp - Price: $170 - Get it via Amazon

This could actually turn out to be a great gift for couples who are just getting started with their LDR and have a fair distance to go. What makes it special is that when you touch it, it lights the same color as your beau's, and of course it can light up hundreds of different colors to make the overall feel even better and it could be the best LDR birthday gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Customized Drive Safely I Need You Here With Me Keychain

customized drive safe keychain

Custom Drive Safe Keychain - Price: $17.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Have to live away from your lover is certainly not a nice feeling. It is a feeling that could actually drive your long-distance relationship the way you wish. But to be able to know the fact that there is someone who is living and waiting for you is a feeling which is almost unparalleled. When you know that someone cares for your well-being, it automatically makes you much more aware of yourself. This custom engraved keychain is great to remind that you want them to be safe and happy and is a great LDR gift for your boyfriend.


King & Queen Crown Distance Bracelet Set

King queen crown bracelet

Crown Distance Bracelets - Price: $22.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Bracelets are always a great and intimate gift to be given to anyone per se. But a couple bracelet idea for a long-distance relationship gift is a great idea of an LDR gift because it determines and confirms the fact that you are his queen and he is your king. These handmade bracelets are made of lava stones which are essential oil diffusers. So it doesn't matter which part of the world your partner is in, this couple bracelet set would always remind him or her of their essence. A prime long-distance gift for couples indeed.


Letter To My Love (Paper Time Capsules)

letter to my love paper time capsule

Paper Time Capsule - Price: $13.33 - Get it via Amazon

When you're with your partner in a long-distance relationship, or basically when you're just about to leave to be someplace else rather than being with your girlfriend or boyfriend, there are so many thoughts, so many things that you have in your mind and heart which you want to convey but would rather wait for a better moment. Well if that's your long-distance relationship gift idea. This could actually prove to be the perfect gift for long-distance couples.


Yin Yang Couple Pendant Necklace Set

yin yang couple necklace

Yin Yang Necklace - Price: $13.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

In Chinese culture, yin & yang are like two forms of the same essential energy. Different yet inseparable and can't exist without one another which is basically how you are as a couple, therefore this beautiful couple yin & yang pendant would make a great long-distance relationship gift for both. It is just proof and fact that it's difficult to be complete without one another. And therefore a part of the pendant equally suited for each other remains with one another, reminding them of this fact.


 "Be Safe I Need You" Engraved Keychain

be safe keychain for boyfriend

Be Safe Keychain - $14.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

This lovely little keychain would make a great long-distance relationship gift for your dear husband or your lover who has to stay away from you for all the reasons you don't want to accept but have to. This LDR gift would be a great reminder for him to know that he is needed and wanted back and therefore needs to be safe wherever he is, therefore, this keychain would constantly remind him of this fact whenever he would hold it in his hands. Definitely a good long-distance relationship gift for couples.


"You Are Worth Every Mile" Coffee Mugs

you are worth every mile coffee mugs

You Are Worth Every Mile Mugs - $29.99 - Get it via Amazon

Coffee mugs do have a certain charm to them, don't they? It is among one of those classic LDR gifts that never really could go out of fashion ever. Matching couple coffee cups could actually be a blessing when you're far apart and yet your partner has the other pair and whenever you feel like taking a picture with it, that would really show the bond you share and that you're always pulling each other close just like the print on the mugs. A great long distance gift for boyfriends.


You Are My Penguin Custom Engraved Keychain

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Guys
You Are My Penguin Keychain - Price: $19.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Did you know when a penguin finds its mate it sticks with them forever! What better way to tell him you will stay by his side always? Let him know that he's your penguin with this adorable keychain. P.S. you can also get your names engraved on it. 



 I love You in 100 Languages Necklace With Rose Box

i love you necklace rose box

Get it on Bigberyl

When we talk about unique gifts, this is something that truly fits the bill. a necklace that says I Love You in hundred different languages around the world would just make for the perfect long-distance relationship gift and can totally fulfill your search and need for that long-distance relationship gift for her that you've been thinking about because when it's the darkest, even literally she'd be able to see the amount of love you have for her when there is a light put on the necklace. Therefore a great LDR gift idea for your girlfriend or wife.


Wooden Engraved Personalized Watch

wooden engraved watch for boyfriend husband

Personalized Engraved Watch - Price: $69.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Since the invention of the wristwatch, it has always been a constant companion of humankind. It is one of those few things which have been made to be worn at all times almost on the human body like an essential belonging. Therefore a wooden engraved watch which has a deep love quote engraved on it is like the best long-distance relationship or the best birthday gift for a long-distance boyfriend which looks both elegant and classy. Certainly one of the best LDR gifts.

Giant Teddy Bear

giant teddy bear six feet long

Giant Teddy Bear - Price: $124.99 - Get it via Amazon

Now it is almost a fact that there would hardly be a girl who wouldn't love stuffed toys, especially Teddy bears. This is one gift which is like the perfect failsafe if you are in a pinch about getting long distance relationship gifts for her. It's absolutely huge and extremely huggable, might as well attach a personal message for your girl along with the toy to make it a great gift for long-distance couples.


Personalized Photo LED Keychain

personalized photo led keychain

Photo LED Keychain - Price: $18.49 - Get it via Bigberyl

A keychain could really be a great personalized gift especially if it's made the way this LED keychain is as it is a photo keychain in which you could have 5 different light settings with the picture of your loved one engraved on the crystal and would glow beautifully. It is a gift which is really personal and more importantly stays on the person most of the time which makes it a valuable long-distance relationship gift for couples.


You Are My Other Half Engraved Keychain

you are my other half keychain

You Are My Other Half  Keychain - Price: $18.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

If and when you talk about long-distance relationship gift ideas, there are so many gifts that we've talked about already but of course, this gift is always a special one, this keychain which has the most romantic and heartfelt message engraved on it really makes it a great long-distance relationship gift for him and her. Some things shall always remain close to your heart and the words as well as the keychain as the gift would be a great reminder for couples living apart of the way they are loved.


Distance Means So Little Map Frame

distance means so little map frame gift

Distance Means So Little Map Frame - Price: $25 - Get it via Amazon

 If there ever was a gift which could be called an absolute failsafe if you can't really decide on what you want to gift to your girl, it is this and trust is it will be an absolute and a gift with great sentimental value with a personalized touch. A cute idea for a long-distance gift for your girlfriend. It would just be a great way to be connected and remember the state your love is in. The design only makes it better and durable for years to come.


"You Are My Sunshine" Sunflower Necklace

you are my sunshine sunflower pendant necklace

You Are My Sunshine Necklace - Price: $21.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

This beautiful necklace is really what fits the cute long distance relationship gifts for LDR couples. It has a really cute little design with a message reading "you are my sunshine" inside. This message would be like a perfect little constant reminder for your girlfriend about how much she means to you. It's meticulously crafted by artisans ensuring a beautiful design that opens up to read the message on both sides. Definitely a great long-distance relationship gift for her.


 Heart Pendant Couple Necklace Set

heart pendant necklace for couples

Heart Pendant Couple Necklace - Price: $25.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

 When you think about long-distance relationship gift ideas, this heart pendant couple necklace set is a great choice to make. It's a beautiful titanium made set of 2 pendants that are designed in such a way as if they complete each other and are one as a whole. The meticulous design pattern makes a great long-distance relationship gift for couples. It's available in both gold & silver colors and can be easily styled with any dress. Definitely a great couple gift.


Song's Soundwave Art Block

song soundwave art showpiece for long distance couples

Soundwave Art Block - Price: $49.95 - Get it via Amazon

When we talk about gifts that really are unique and would actually make a deep impact over a longer period of time, this custom soundwave glass block would be that gift you would want to give to your man who is living far off. This actually lets you save your voice recording or a song of your choice to be converted into an art and would let him play the message simply by scanning it through any smartphone camera. Talk about unique gifts. Certainly a great gift for long-distance relationship couples and especially for him.


Unique Couple Keychains

unique couple keychain

Unique Keychain Collection - Get it via Bigberyl

Keychains have been one of the cutest and personalized gifts for some time now. They are of course a kind of gift which always or most of the time stays on you and therefore hold a great opportunity for the kind of messages or pictures or any other kind of personalized engravings which you would want to convey and deliver to your partner who is far away from you at the moment. Our great and diverse variety of keychains as long-distance relationship gifts for couples provide you with a great option of LDR gifts for your boo.


King & Queen Couple Hoodies

king and queen black couple hoodies

King & Queen Couple Hoodies - Price: $57.99 - Get it via Amazon

There is this certain feeling of belongingness and romance when you wear matching couple outfits. This couple matching hoodies with KING & QUEEN embossed on the front and sleeves. The royal black color and the beautiful design would enhance your enamoring charm to a whole new level. Though it's great for any weather it would be perfect to wear during the Fall/Winter season. A great gift for long-distance couples as well.


Heart Engraved Promise Ring Set

heart engraved promise ring set

Heart Promise Rings - Price: $16.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Just like the aforementioned couple promise ring, this one is another set of couple promise rings with a heart engraved on top of it, actually half a heart representing your half and the other half being with your partner making it a really cute and beautiful long-distance relationship gift for couples. It really is unique in the sense that you are not complete without your other half and how important they are to you as they make you feel complete. It would simply make a brilliant LDR gift for couples.


"What I love About You" Love Journal

love journal for couples

Love Journal - Price: $10.17 - Get it via Amazon

Sometimes it's the simplest and easiest of the things which make the greatest impact in life. This Fill in the blank gift journal is one of such gifts that have a deeper and prolonged impact on the mind of the person who it is for. This book basically provides an opportunity to describe certain aspects of the affection and love you hold for that special person in your life and knowing that the person lives far away from you it actually makes up for a great gift for long-distance couples which is really meaningful and would actually touch their heart whenever they would read through your words.


King & Queen Phone Case

king queen black pink phone case

King & Queen Phone Case - Price: $10.17 - Get it via Bigberyl

Since the advent of iPhones, they've always been hot property all around the world due to their modern design and lots of different cool features. Of course like all other precious things they too need some care and protection which is why a set of couple iPhone cases would actually be a great couple gift to have. Especially this glow in dark iPhone case which really looks cool and is dustproof,anti-shock and anti-slip. A cute and useful long-distance relationship gift for couples.


Yin - Yang Couple Pendant Necklace Set

yin yang bff couple necklace set

Yin Yang Necklace - Price: $10.17 - Get it via Amazon

Yin & Yang are basically two different kinds of energies that are opposite from one another and yet co-exist with each other in every person. Do you feel like you are the yin and yang to each other as well? Well then this couple necklace set would be a great long-distance relationship gift for the couples living far away but of course, feel the connection equally with one another. An amazing way to tell your lover that you are only far in distance but not in love.


Promise Ring Set

couples promise ring set

Promise Ring Set - Price: $11.19 - Get it via Bigberyl

A promise is a sacred declaration that you give to a person when they really mean something to you and also when you feel like something is really important to you and you would never let it go so as to cherish it forever a promise is made. A great way of making this kind of promise, of course, would be to seal it with a promise ring and to make it even more official and special. Therefore to mark this commitment of love, these gold & silver plated promise rings really make a great long-distance relationship gift for boyfriend or girlfriend.


Coordinate Keychain


Coordinate Keychain - Price: $19.89 - Get it via Bigberyl

When it comes to unique long-distance relationship gift ideas this matching personalized keychain for him and her really cuts through. Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and is extremely durable and rust-free, and is sure to last for a long time. It really is unique in the sense that you can have your partner's coordinates or any message engraved on them and that would make it feel like you exactly know and feel close to your partner. A really nice long distance relationship gift for both guys and girls.


Lucky Red Ceramic Bead Bracelet Set

lucky red ceramic bead bracelet

Lucky Red Bracelet Set - Price: $15.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Meticulously crafted by the Buddhists of Tibet this pair of red and green rope bracelets are said to bring luck and wealth to the bearer. Worn by many Hollywood celebrities at times, this beautiful looking bracelet would be a great long-distance relationship gift for couples living apart as it would prove to be a symbol of both luck and love to the couple. Also, the fact that every bracelet you purchase we donate $1 to the Buddhist Global Relief so now wear it proudly as it not just for love but also for a cause.


 Personalized Name Beads Bracelet 

personalized handwritten name bead bracelet for couples

Name Bead Bracelet - Price: $34.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

Once again a beautiful personalized gift comes your way in the form of this amazing handmade beads bracelet which is a great long-distance relationship gift for him. The bracelet is made up of a horizontal piece of wood with your loved one's name engraved on it in your own handwriting, mean it doesn't get more personal than this, does it? Your handwriting would be processed by image matting and then engraved on the wood in almost the same manner making it a really fantastic long-distance relationship gift for boyfriend.


Rose Teddy Bear

forever rose teddy bear

Rose Teddy Bear - Price: $78.99 - Get it via Bigberyl

When we talk about gifts for her that would never get old, teddy bears would always be somewhere on the top. And especially if the teddy bear is made up of roses that would never fade away, it would rather make up a really unbeatable mix. If your beautiful other half is living away from you at the moment and you want to make her life more cheerful and lovely gift her this forever rose teddy bear and declare your romantic love and affection for her as it would be a gift that she would cherish for a much longer period of time, therefore making it a really amazing pick for long-distance girlfriend and your love.


Virtues of a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships can be a tricky thing. There are people who absolutely are afraid of it and there is no denying that fact. However, there is a much better fact than that and that is according to recent studies 14c to 15v million people in the United States itself are in a long-distance relationship. In some ways or the other, a long-distance relationship is actually better than relationships in which people are actually living close to each other because it actually highlights the greatest human virtues of endurance, loyalty, and truthfulness. Also with the advent of the internet, LDR's have actually become a much more common thing than they were in the past days. And to actually keep it going and make it a successful relationship that actually turns into marriage and more there are certain things that you must do to keep your partner happy and content. The first and foremost thing that one must do is plan surprise visits to your partner living far away from you which would actually bring an unimaginable smile to their faces and tears of joy and of course it would be a little rude to go empty-handed, there are certain things, certain gifts you could give which would just make the happiness tenfold. But that's not only the case when you are visiting, the most you could while being in an LDR are the long-distance relationship gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend. There is a whole world of super amazing long-distance relationship gift ideas out there and here on Bigberyl we're gonna make it the easiest for all you lovers. Down below we've narrowed out the best of the best gifts you could give to your beau who is always dreaming about you.


To summarise everything, it could be said that it's not really easy living far away from one another especially for a longer period of time but when the bond is as strong as you have with your man or your girl, it makes things a lot easier and therefore to keep things interesting and in good health, a gift that is given from heart really plays an important part and keeps the relationship fresh and also because it is a great way to remind your love who is living far away from you that you love them and it's not easy but because this phase exists and you have to stay away from them at the moment but in the long run you are with them and you always think and care about them and the gift you choose would perfectly define your love and care for them. All you need to do is pick the perfect gift and send all your love and care along with it as a medium and make them happy and be filled with joy as gifts like this really do work like wonder and of course, keep things happy and beautiful between the two of you forever. 

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