20+ Customized Keychains That Your Guy Will Love

Looking for a right Customized keychain for him in the sea of extremely diverse options? We have made your work easy with this list of only the Best Keychains for Your Boyfriend.

A meaningful personalized gift adds more heart to your simple options. Receiving any kind of gift is a great feeling but there's something extra thoughtful about a customized gift. I know it almost seems an impossible task to find just the right present for your loved one that is unique, personal, useful & not insanely expensive, but I have the answer for to your problem - KEYCHAINS.

Keychains are becoming one of the top choices when it comes to custom gift ideas. Though there is a sea of keychains to choose from, I have collected the best and most trendy ones for you. Scroll down to find 15+ Amazing Customized Keychains for your special one.


Why Customized Keychains are the best choice for a personal gift?

It's a really simple answer. Keychains are something which along with the passing decades have become a part and parcel of our daily life, it is something that always or most of the time of the day stays on you. It is something that has become a personal commodity. With the advent of modern times, keychains have evolved into modernity as well.

There are millions of designs comprising from something that is ultra-modern and having screens to the classic old designs which hold a special value. Therefore if you want to gift something to your man which has immense value, is easy to carry and can be customized according to your choice then keychains really do fit t the bill perfectly.

To make your job a little easy, your search for a perfect keychain for men, I have handpicked an exclusive collection of custom, personalized keychains that might just be the ones you were looking for! Listed below are a few such keychains that may just prove to be the perfect gift to give to your man on any occasion, Valentines day, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or his Birthday.



You Complete Me Personalized Keychain For Boyfriend

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend

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Love is indeed one of the most powerful feelings in the world and when you experience it first hand there is nothing better. Get your hands on the Bigberyl's Exclusives gifts. This beautiful keychain carries an extremely heart touching message "The day I met you I found my missing piece. You complete me and make me a better person. I was a little late to be your first but I want All of my lasts to be with You". 

Our exclusive keychain comes with a black gift box which also includes a text card that says -¬†"To My Man, Never forget that I love You, If I could give one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes only then would you realize how special you are to me! I¬†‚̧ԳŹ U!"

Bonus you can get your names engraved on the keychain. Isn't that a complete package? This gift has been created by our experts which guarantees 100% quality assurance. You will not find it anywhere else on the internet or in local stores! The sweetest gift you can give to your man on any occasion.



Photo Roll Keychain With Gift Box & LED Lights

custom photo keychain album

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A perfect relationship gift, an ideal personalized present, call it anything, it fits every aspect of gifting! This is a complete gift set that includes: A keychain with 10 photos of your choice, a beautiful and sturdy wooden gift box (can be used as a keepsake), LED lights to illuminate your romantic gift & a blank message card where you can write a sweet quote for your loved one. 

I sent this to my boyfriend and he went crazy! He loved it so much, he ordered one for me too the very next day, so that we both can keep a mini album of our favorite pictures together with us all the time.



Spotify Code Keychain With Personal Photo

spotify code keychai with photo

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Indeed one of the most popular keychain on the internet. Everyone has their one or two specials songs they can connect on a deep level. We pick up the code of your favorite song and print it on our keychain along with a cute image of yours to make it a sweet present that you can give to anyone! You gotta have this one for your boyfriend and yourself! It looks so so good.


 Alphabet Initial Letter Keychain

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Sometimes it's the simplest of the things in life that leave the most lasting impression on you. A customized metal keychain made of stainless steel and is rust free and hypoallergenic, I mean it does tick all the right boxes. It comes with a separate heart-shaped pendant as well as a customized name pendant which is perfect for typography fanatics. You could choose to have an initial or your favorite symbol engraved on it and make it a perfect gift for your man. It actually comes in a pretty bag ready to be given as a perfect for any occasion. Therefore, it would be a good steal as a gift for your man.



Custom Photo Keychain With Gift Box

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend

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Another Bigberyl's Exclusives is this super cute keychain with your photo carved + engraved on it. It can also be customized with your names and a date that is close to your heart. This lovely heart shaped keychain comes in a gift box that can also be personalized as per your requirements. Definitely a sweet heart warming gift for the love of your life.



Pinky Promise Keychain With Custom Initials & Date

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"A promise of Forever", is what our keychain symbolizes. Do you have a person whom you love so much that even forever seems less? Then this keychain is best gift for him. It can be personalized with your initials and a special date that you want him to always remember. 



Crystal Photo Keychain with LED

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A customized keychain with photo is one of the classic keychain designs which never gets old and is really a great idea of a gift for your man. This customized keychain is even better as it has an LED setup over the picture of you and your dear and also comes in 5 different light changing schemes which looks quite beautiful once it is under a little dark environment. You could get your favorite moment in the form of a picture engraved on it and this personalized keychain could be a really great and unforgettable gift for your man.



Puzzle Piece Keychain

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Only the right pieces fit together perfectly just like in a jigsaw puzzle. Our puzzle piece keychain set is for couples who just fit right with each other. If you have found your missing piece then you must get this set! It comes in a pair so one you keep and the other you gift to your boyfriend. Both keychains can be engraved with your names. It is a beautiful gift for any occasion.



Forever Always Initials Keychain

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Another exquisite gift idea for a customized keychain is this pair. These feature a heart charm with Forever Always engraves on it. The heart completes only when both are together. Both keychain can be personalized with your Initials & a special date that is very dear to you. A sentimental & creative present for your special one.



Drive Safe I Need You Here With Me Engraved Keychain Custom Names

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It is never the best feeling in the world when your man is away from you and all you could think about is his safety and that he could just come back to you soon. This custom keychain engraving with a name would always remind him of how much you care about him and want him to be back home with you so he would drive more responsibly as he has you to come back home to. You could get both your names engraved on it and it would really be a fantastic gift for him.



Laser Cut Name Plate Customized Name Shape Keychain

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A beautiful custom laser cut keychain with a name shape diamond-cut design makes a really beautiful personalized keychain for your beau. The background color is of your personal choice and the best part is it fits perfectly in your pockets no matter how long the name is, therefore, making it really convenient and has a heart-shaped diamond cut at the end of the name. It also has an acrylic mirror on the back of the keychain which comes in handy. A really great personalized keychain for bags or luggage or anything for that matter. The stunning shape and design make it an absolute steal.



Coordinates Engraved Keychain Customized

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A keychain that is just different from the rest. If you're looking for that kind of thing, look no more. This bar keychain looks and feels different &new. It is an engraved keychain so you can have your special day engraved on it but what's more, is that you can also get the coordinates of the place where you met for the first time. The latitudes and longitudes that you provide will be engraved on this bar keychain make it really unique and very personal gift option. Evoke his best feelings when you gift him this. It also comes in a stunning black gift box ready to gift, get him one and make your relationship special.



You Are My Penguin Keychain With Names

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Talk about the cutest keychain out of the lot and this might just have everyone's bias towards it. It is probably because of the fact that it features a penguin as apart from being cute penguins are passionate lovers too, when a penguin finds it's mate they stay together forever, therefore it would be really ideal to hit your beau with a really cute and romantic keychain and express your love for him with this custom keychain. This keychain comes with a black gift box as well so it would really be a hassle-free gift to give to your man and make him think about you more than ever.



Customized Calendar Keychain With Photo 

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Now, this personalized keychain is one of a kind gift created to mark your special date together on a calendar engraved on one side of the keychain. There is a little charm which could have a colored or engraved picture of any of your favorite moments with your man and your initials which makes it a gift of great sentimental value for him and you as well. Imagine him never forgetting your first meeting date ever!¬†ūüėú Available in Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Silver colors.¬†



Personalized Keychain With Photo

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When you talk about a good looking keychain which could have great features as well, this is the one that qualifies for the top spot. It's good looking, has a solid and durable because it is made of long-lasting metal and is anti-allergenic as well. What's more, is that you could have a picture of your choice to be set up on one side of the keychain and have a personalized message engraved on the flip side of the picture as well which could make for a really cute personalized gift for your dear one. It comes in two different styles so you could choose your favorite one out of them both and make it his next favorite thing from you. You can also get a heart shaped photo keychain.



Wherever You Go Come Back To Me Custom Keychain Engraved with Initials

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This could turn out to be the perfect keychain for couples living away from each other or just the case where your man has to move out a bit more often. It would be a great custom keychain for your boyfriend. This anti-allergenic long-lasting stainless steel keychain would be a good memory for your man who is away from you at the moment but not for long. You can both get your initials engraved on it and it would always remind him of you whenever he holds it making it a great personalized keychain gift for him. You can get it in Silver, Rose Gold & Gold color.



Customized Keychain With Photo & Calendar


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This beautiful personalized custom keychain consists of two pendants. It consists of a smaller pendant which could have your initials engraved on it or even get a color picture or an engraved photo according to your preference which really is fantastic and on the other hand, there is the larger pendant which has a calendar engraved on it where you could even mark your special day with a heart around it. You could even buy a stunning all-black gift box with the keychain and make it an even better purchase, therefore, this solid durable custom keychain would make for a perfect gift.



Name Keychain For Couples With Gift Box

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A unique set of keychain for couples who love gifting each other cute things. This stunning pair has four different styles to choose from and comes with a dashing black gift box. You can get your names, date or initials engraved on the keychains depending on the style you choose to order. 



Distressed Leather Custom Keychain

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A handmade personalized keychain which is laidback and looks absolutely classy is what this handmade Floridian leather by Left Coast Original is. The hide is rubbed by a leather conditioner that smells great and feels luxurious. The ultra-premium distressed leather will not only last a very long time but will also look better as the time passes on as it is made to last a lifetime. You could have a name or a date or anything that's special to you engraved on this personalized keychain and you could have it written in different fonts as well choosing the one that suits you the best, therefore, it could really be an amazing personalized gift for your man.



Custom Metal Heart Keychain For Him

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Love is indeed the most beautiful feeling in the world and meeting the person with whom you would spend the rest of the life makes it even more special and unforgettable therefore a custom keychain which is as durable and beautiful, which has the most important date of your life engraved, as well as your initials engraved on it, would be a beautiful personalized gift for your boyfriend or husband as your relationship would be long and strong and last a lifetime with lots of joys and love.



Initials Engraved Customized Anniversary Keychain

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The initial or the starting years of a relationship are always the gold standard, aren't they? But wouldn't it be lovely if all the following years turned out to be as amazing as the initial years. Well, this custom keychain engraved with 2 years and counting message would be the perfect gift to remind your man about the beautiful memories you've spent together and for all the more that is to come. It would remind him of the beautiful journey you have taken together and all the good things that have come to him with your presence in his life. This engraved keychain which is made of premium crafted attractive stainless-steel which is anti-allergenic and corrosion-resistant would be the ideal gift for your man. 

That concludes our list of Customized keychains, smartly picked as a gift for your husband or boyfriend, the choice still, of course, remains in your hand to pick the best one out of the above lot. It's not easy picking the perfect one but with the list narrowed down to the absolute best ones you should be able to decide and then surprise your man with the perfect keychain and record the priceless reaction over his face when he sees it for the first time.


About Keychains

Keychains are one of the most common daily use items that you see in your routine daily life. It's primarily a small chain made up of plastic or metal or any other materials and comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are also one of the most popular and common souvenirs as well as serve a great deal in the advertising industry. 

There's only been a massive surge in the production of keychains in the last 60 years since plastic became a cheaper commodity and the improvement in plastic manufacturing techniques made it a really sought after product for various businesses who were making it in millions and using it as an advertising medium with the launch of a new movie or a product. 

As time passed by people started to realize the enormous potential a simple keychain could have so they started making it multifunctional and started using it for various other purposes. It would also begin to be used with everyday things like bottle openers, lighters, automobile keys, etc. which made the keychain industry peak in a little amount of time.

With all the new design ideas coming in and newfound manufacturing capabilities people started to make custom keychains or keychains that were starting to be used as a gift or a sign of memory and various other things and with tons of different ideas pouring in keychains were starting to become an elite day to day item which was already present in every household but now in various avatars. People began gifting custom and personalized keychains to each other therefore making it quite a hot item in the context.

With the advent of modern technology and engineering, the shape and size of keychains changed as well throughout the decades. At the time you can find almost every kind of personalized keychains available for you.

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