25 Easy Halloween Costumes For Couples 2021

Without doubt the Halloween Costumes for Couples listed below are the best you can or will find on the internet! From easy and funny to cute and sexy I have included all in this extensive list from Pinterest.

First let me ask you - One of the top reasons you are in relationship is because you will get to plan a startling couple costume for Halloween right? LOL 

Well you have certainly stumbled upon the right blog! I know how excited you are because I definitely am too elevated. Aside from all the preparations including decorations, games, creative cocktails, ghostly food, the foremost important is a carefully planned and created Halloween Costume. 

From famous duos to outfits that involve the whole family including you pets to hilarious but simple options that you can buy or DIY these unique ideas will make you standout. Scroll down to find that clicks you.


Newest And Trending Halloween Costume Idea -The Squid Game Costumes!

halloween costume squid game

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The latest and exclusive Squid Game costumes are here to make your Halloween hella crazy! There are only limited stocks available so you have to hurry and order yours today. Order Now!



 Monokuma Plush Onesie Halloween Costume

monokuma costume onesie halloween

This is the hottest Halloween Costume I found trending this year! You gotta get this today if you are looking to stay ahead of the trend. This onesie costume is inspired by Monokuma a fictional anime character from series Danganronpa. On BigBeryl you can get this Onesie with matching Plush Slippers and Stuffed Monokuma figure to create a real captivating look.

What's more scary and creepy than a plush bear turned Evil Murderer? 

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Mike And Sully Halloween Couple Costume

halloween costumes for couples

Looking for something cute to wear this Halloween with your Boo? How about becoming monsters that are scary and adorable at the same time? 

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Blue and Pink Stitch Couple

stitch onesies

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The ever-blue last minute halloween costume idea has to be Lilo & Stitch onesies! If you are one of those who don't want too much hustle then just go for these cute yet intriguing theme. 


Barbie & Ken

barbie ken box halloween costume

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Enola Holmes & Viscount Tewksbury

 halloween couple costumes 2021

Dress up like Enola Holmes and the Viscount Tewksbury this year for a fresh new look! P.S. this is what I am planning for me and my boo's Halloween Party.

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 Deadpool and Lady Deadpool Halloween Costume

halloween costume ideas for couples

Spice up your costume game with these hot Deadpool Outfits for your duo.

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Sumo Wrestlers 

sumo wrestler costume

These inflatable sumo wrestler suits are the perfect fit for the crazy couples who want to wear something hilarious this year.

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Soap and Loofa Costume

soap and loofa costume for couples

An amazing costume idea for couples is this Loofa and Soap costume. You can very easily DIY it from the materials available at home or -

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Costume

peanut butter and jelly sandwich costume

Are you the jelly to someone's peanut butter sandwich? These PB&J sandwich dress is just the thing!

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 You might also like these super cute and sassy Matching Couple Shirts!


Mario and Princess Peach

princess peach and mario costume

A real fun and creative Halloween costume idea for couples! Enter into the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario to meet the love of your life, Princess Peach Toadstool.

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Jasmine and Aladdin

couple halloween costume aladdin and jasmine

If you haven't already created the look of this iconic Disney couple then now is your turn! Make a magical entrance as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine or Agrabah. 

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The Incredibles Couple

incredibles costume

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are a great outfit idea for your Halloween party costume this year. Go Incredibles!

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 Fred and Wilma Flintstone

flintstones costume

Oh this one is my favorite, don't know why I love this cartoon and these outfits are badass. Yaba Daba Doo!

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Plug and Socket Couples Costume

plug and socket couple costume

You are the socket to my plug baby! This one is crazy. Hahaha...

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Bacon and Eggs 

bacon and eggs costume

When Bae stands for "Bacon and Eggs" and not "before anyone else". This is the perfect breakfast pair. 

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Bonnie and Clyde Costume

bonnie and clyde costumes

This one is so so easy to create, just grab some formals from your closet and elevate the look with hats, ties and guns!

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Get Your Bonnie and Clyde Matching Couple Shirts Here!



Aquaman & Mera Costumes For Halloween

halloween costumes for couples

Make an astounding appearance this Halloween in your new Aquaman and Mera Outfits. The King and the Queen of Atlantis are here!

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Woody and Jessie Toy Story Couple

woody and jessie costume

How cute are these costumes? This Halloween choose to be Jessie and Sheriff Woody from iconic Pixar movie Toy Story 3.

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Dia De Los Muertos Senor & Senorita Dress

day of the dead halloween costumes

October 31st is also "Dia de los mueros" Day of the Dead. Celebrate both traditions with these colorful Senor and Senorita outfits with masks.

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Batman & Catwoman Costume

batman catwoman halloween costume

My personal favorite, the ever stunning & gorgeous couple Batman and Catwoman. If not for the competition, I would wear this every year!

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Ash and Pikachu Pokémon Duo

Ash pikachu costume

A sexy Pikachu romper is all you need to up your costume game this Halloween!

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Joker and Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad

joker and harley quinn costume halloween couple

The extreme Badass couple!

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The Purge Couple

purge halloween  mask

The movie and series "The Purge" gave major halloween thriller costume ideas. This look very easy to create all you need is some matching black and white clothes spill some blood on them, put on your Purge masks and you are ready for the kill!

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Gomez and Morticia Addams

addams family halloween costume

Last year Joe and Sophie made the fans go crazy with their sinfully sexy couple look. This classical Addams family look is not something new but can be perfect for you and your boyfriend this year!

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Moana and Maui 

moana maui halloween costume

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That concludes our list of Easy Halloween Costumes for Couple this year!  I hope you would have found your look, if not, then at least you would have got some ideas of your own to create a new and inspiring outfit. Whatever you decide upon please always remember that having FUN is the priority here. 

Enjoy yourselves and have a Happy Scary Halloween, Boo! 

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