15+ Best Couple Youtubers That Can Give You Cute Couple Goals

The best thing of having a couple youtube channel is it gives you a reason to do something romantic, funny, weird with your partner no matter what you do. The most important thing is they really inspire audience on the other side of the screen & give crazy relationship goals to follow, but have you ever wonder who are those couple youtubers that are making awesome content in different niches? Don't worry we have compiled an amazing list of "Best Couple Youtubers" who do exciting pranks, fun challenges, and amazing vlogs that can give you cute couple goals.
Plus Size Edition
This channel belongs to Mariee and Lee and they are cute African American couple who promote young love, plus size body positivity and confidence, They encourage, inspire and showcase their struggles, strengths and growth through their videos. Also, you will find exciting pranks, fun challenges, and amazing vlogs! Not only they are Influncers but, Mariee also has started a plus size boutique to help others feel confident, and comfortable in their skin. Feel free to check out and catch a vibe.
De'arra and Ken 4 Life
De'arra & Ken 4 Life (DK4L) started their youtube journey on 11 December 2014 with just a few subscribers but now they have more than 6 Million subscribers, They show how the relationship generally be, they perform different challenges suggested by their fans, along with funny pranks, Q&A, Story times and more. According to Gazillions.com they have more than $2.5 Million in terms of networth.
Trav and Cor
Travis & his wife corey loves vlogging their daily lives to keep a record & share it with their audience. Also, they make fun & spooky videos. They occasionally upload videos of their children and daily lives. It is the home for Mini Jake Paul whose real name is Tydus Talbott. They have their second child named, Ryatt Talbott, They had another child in 2020 named Bowie Talbott.


Daily Bumps
Daily Bumps
The Lanning family has been making videos on YouTube for over 8 years. Vlogging their family, travels, and fun along the way. They create new videos three times in a week.
 Carmen and Corey
Carmen and Corey
A Prank, vlog and challenge channel by a couple who began dating in their late teens. They got more than 4 Million subscribers & have networth more than $1.1 Million according to Naibuzz.com. The couple debuted in April of 2017 with a video called "CC4L INTRO!!! (We're Finally Starting)." They broke up in September of 2018, but got back together in 2019. 
A young couple from Los Angeles, Landon and Shyla started their youtube channel on 13 March 2013, They are always on a crazy adventure and will entertain you for sure with their prank wars, the couple originally met on twitter & have more than 3 Million subscribers till now.
The Bramfam
The Bramfam
The Bramfam will show you the real life of a young married couple with three cute yet crazy children, There videos offer inspiration to parents of all ages. There youtube journey started as a means to show other "Teen parents" that the journey is not impossible.
Pantons Squad
Pantons Squad
The channel belongs to Don & malinda They make awesome videos with their kids Yaya & Dj. They also have a puppy named snowy who go on with their fun adventures. On this channel, you’ll find a variety of vlog and family videos, including challenges, pranks, surprises, slime, and more.
They are canadian couple & go by the name Jaz Saini and Harjit Bhandal. They love making sketch comedy videos. Also, they create hilarious content about about relationships, school, parents, and more for their channel YouTwoTV which have more than 2 Million subscribers

Goldjuice is a prank, challenge & couple vlog channel that originally belongs to olivia, but now will & olivia both are making awesome content and insanely grown to more than 2 Million subscribers.

Dwayne N Jazz
Dwayne and Jasmine "Jazz", better known online as Dwayne N Jazz, (formally known as couples react) is an American reaction channel from Maryland. They react to a wide variety of content including movie trailers, gaming, music, sports, and videos YouTubers make such as SuperMarioLogan.

Nick, also known online as ItsJustNick is best known primarily for his Musical.ly reaction videos. But later moved to making YouTube videos. His content involves Pranks, Challenges, Vlogs and much more.

Alena Maze and Joe Lee are bringing high-quality family-oriented multicultural media to Youtube. As a newly married couple with seven children they document their journey to find their purpose. While revealing the dynamics of a multicultural family and a Black and Korean relationship.

Slice N Rice
slice n rice
Slice n Rice is a comedic couple, Matthew "Slice" Brooks and Glory "Rice" Kim, bringing you fresh comedy from sketches to exploring each other's Korean and African background! Most recognizable for their parodies, story times , parodies of popular films, TV, and pop culture.

Pranksters in Love
pranksters in love
Pranksters in Love is a prank channel owned by a couple named Nikki (Nichole) Barker and John Dahl who has been together since high school. The channel is mostly pranks targeted at one another. Some of the videos are not prank but revolve around the vlog and daily experiences of the family members.

Chelsea and Nick
chelsea and nick
Chelsea became a popular beauty and makeup guru through her channel BeautyLiciousInsider. She went on to transition the channel into a couple's YouTube channel alongside her husband Nick hurst & then created this new channel where they post encouraging, challenging & inspiring content.

So, These are some of the best couple youtubers we have, Do let us know your favorite couple youtubers.
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